Privacy Policy

What is personal data?
Personal data relates to any information about a natural person that makes you identifiable which may include (but is not limited to):

What is sensitive personal data?
Sensitive personal data refers to the above but includes genetic data and biometric data. For example:

What is a Data Controller?
For general data protection regulation purposes, the "data controller" means the person or organisation who decides the purposes for which and the way in which any personal data is processed.

The data controller is John Lamonby, 211 Old Castle Street, Portchester, Hampshire, PO16 9QW.

The data protection officer is John Lamonby, Partner who can be contacted at the above address or by calling 023 9237 8035

What is a Date Processor?

A "data processor" is a person or organisation which processes personal data for the controller.

What is Data Processing?
Data processing is any operation or set of operations performed upon personal data, or sets of it, be it by automated systems or not. Examples of data processing explicitly listed in the teat of the GDPR are: collection, recording, organising, structuring, storing, adapting, altering, retrieving, consulting, using, disclosing by transmission, disseminating or making available, aligning or combining, restricting, erasure or destruction.

What do we mean by Business to Business?
PLC, LTD, LLP incorporated partnerships, trusts and foundations, local authorities and government institutions. What do we mean by Business to Consumer?

Private clients, sole traders, unincorporated partnerships, trusts and foundations.

What information do we collect about you and how?

John Lamonby, as a Data Controller, is bound by the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

You agree that we are entitled to obtain, use and process the information you provide to us to enable us to discharge the Services (as defined in our Letter of Engagement and supporting Schedules) and for other related purposes including;

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